The Monks Joint Training Center (MJTC) is managed under the Training Division and was founded on July 14, 2022 through a partnership with Lionmark Construction Companies and the Howell County Sheriff’s Office with a contractual amount of one dollar annually.  The purpose of this partnership was to address the essential need for a geographical resource in order to carry out tough, relevant, realistic, challenging training and qualifications for the Howell County Sheriff’s Office and other area Law Enforcement entities.  

MJTC is comprised of 40 acres and is naturally situated discreetly off county road 5900 near Willow Springs, Missouri.  It is geographically located in a low visibility area to significantly reduce surface danger zones and is easily accessible by vehicle or rotor wing aircraft.  MJTC is arrayed with three primary ranges that will aid in annual qualifications, initial and sustainment training such as individual core competencies, collective core competences and Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) core capabilities that address public safety critical incidents.  All personnel accessing MJTC to utilize a range shall have in possession the signed MFR 21-Range Safety