Howell County, Missouri

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The Howell County Sheriff's Office strives to maintain a strategic vision of culture, laws and innovative resources in order to promote a decentralized community policing which creates partnerships between Law Enforcement and other organizations like government agencies, community members, nonprofit service providers, private businesses and the media.   This emphasizes that our office will work closely with local citizens and community agencies in designing and implementing a variety of crime prevention strategies and problem-solving measures.  It is understood the media represents a powerful pattern by which Law Enforcement can communicate with the community.  Law Enforcement alone, cannot solve every public safety problem, so interactive partnerships must be created.  Our office strives to change the role of Law Enforcement from a static, reactive, incident-driven bureaucracy to a more dynamic, open, quality-oriented partnership.

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NOTE: All positions that are open for application will be displayed active in the tracker below. These announcements will outline the minimum qualifying criteria and duty scope and responsibilities for that particular position.  For further information please feel free to contact an Authorized Recruiter.