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West Plains

Missouri’s 114 counties and the independent city of St. Louis derive their powers from the state constitution and statutes. They establish the legal framework for county government and list the powers and duties of the county governing bodies. Most counties have a similarly structured government using a non-charter form. A three-member county commission, with both legislative and executive powers, serves as the governing body. The commission consists of one presiding commissioner elected at large to a four-year term, and two associate commissioners elected from single-member districts also for four-year terms. It should be noted that in Article VI, Section 7 of the state constitution the legal form of government is referred to as the “county court.” Statutorily, the governing structure has been renamed as a commission, but the constitutional amendment has never been made.  The county commission and other elected collaborating county offices may be compartmentalized into divisions, staff offices, and/or departments in order to provide a more efficient public service with accountability.  For more information about county government, please refer to the following resources, National Association of Counties, Missouri Association of Counties or the Missouri State Constitution.

Source:  Missouri Secretary of StateLast Updated:  08-May-23