COLLECTOR:  Janet Crow (I)

LOCATION:  35 Court Square, Room 201, West Plains, MO. 65548

PHONE:  (417) 256-4001



The Office of Collector is an elected position and is governed pursuant to the Revised Statutes of Missouri, chapter §52 and chapter §54Pursuant to RSMo §52.010, at the general election in 1906, and every four years thereafter, a collector, to be styled the collector of the revenue, shall be elected in each of the counties of this state, except counties under township organization, who shall hold his or her office for four years and until his successor is duly elected and qualified.  The collector shall reside in the county from which such person is elected throughout his or her term in office.

Except in any county with a charter form of government, a candidate for the office of collector shall be at least twenty-one years of age and a resident of the state and the county in which he or she is a candidate for at least one year prior to the date of filing for such office.  The candidate shall be a registered voter and current in the payment of all state income taxes and personal and real property taxes.

The candidate shall present to the election authority a copy of a signed affidavit from a surety company authorized to do business in this state, indicating that the candidate meets the statutory bond requirements for the office for which the candidate is filing.