The Supply and Maintenance Division in collaboration with all divisions, is responsible in developing sustainment plans and operations, supply, maintenance, transportation, services and operational contract support. Furthermore, the Supply and Maintenance Division is charged with conducting research analysis, resourcing, preparation, product development, assessments, running estimates, standardized records management and all other matters pertaining to enhancing the Sheriff Operations Concept Model. The division is also charged with providing professional development training and education to the office in efforts to enhance the profession.


In accordance with General Orders, a Supply and Maintenance Officer is a commissioned position that develops storage methods, including the allocation and arrangement of storage facilities; Receives, stores and issues equipment, materials and supplies in accordance with the appropriate supply classification; Maintains or supervises maintenance of records related to the receipt, issue, and control of supplies; Conducts physical inventory of supplies, materials, and equipment; Prepares requisitions for stock replacement; Makes authorized purchases; Receives, approves and processes store requisitions and oversees the distribution of supplies; Assists in the preparation of specifications and contacts vendors concerning supply purchases; May lift supplies, materials and equipment weighing ten pounds or more; May serve as an assistant to a higher-level supply officer in a large operation where the storekeeping functions are more complex; May have direct responsibility in a large operation for a phase or area of the storage activities; Performs other related duties. Their responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Maintains Sheriff’s Office inventory of supplies and equipment.

  • Disburses supplies and equipment to personnel as required.

  • Records the issuance of supplies, materials, and/or equipment to other employees.

  • Maintains stocks of printed materials, uniform items, and weapons, and replenishes stocks when necessary.

  • Provides for the maintenance of stock items such as batteries, flares, service arms, mace, and other supply items.

  • Keeps accurate records on all employees including sizes for shirts, pants, helmets, coats, and all other items of duty apparel.

  • Counts items according to procedures and develops and maintains a stock rotation system.

  • Organizes and stores Sheriff’s Office property, equipment, and supplies in an orderly fashion.

  • Orders supplies and equipment needed by the Sheriff’s Office, keeping such purchases within the established budget. Receives and reviews requests for supplies.

  • Meets with sales representatives to review products and make decisions on purchasing. Prepares purchase requests according to procedures and checks vendors' invoices to ensure items, quantities, and prices are as ordered.

  • Assists with planning and organizing Sheriff’s Office operations having to do with equipment and apparatus.

  • Handles work orders or exchange requests by all employees.

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