The Publications Division collaborates with all facets of the Sheriff’s Office to capture professional standards in an approved format and disseminate accordingly. Furthermore, the Publications Division is charged with supporting research analysis, resourcing, preparation, product development formats, academic rigor formats, assessment formats, standardized records management formats and all other matters pertaining to enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of the Sheriff’s Office personnel. The division is also charged with providing professional development training and education to the office in efforts to enhance the profession.


In accordance with General Orders, a Publications Officer is a non-commissioned or commissioned position that plans, standardizes, coordinates, and revises material for publication in handbooks, manuals, newspapers, magazines, or websites. The Publications Officer reviews submitted content and decides what material will need to be adjusted as appropriate. They also review and edit digital media and drafts of general orders, special orders, handbooks, yearbooks, graphic training aids, forms and manuals, offer comments to improve the product, and suggest titles and headlines as necessary and ensures the maintenance of the Office Publishing Directorate (OPD) both at the Sheriff's Office and Online. Their responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Read content and correct for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

  • Verify facts using standard references such as primary sources.

  • Evaluate submissions from employees to decide what to publish.

  • Work with employees to help their content become conceptualized clearly.

  • Plan the content of digital media and publications according to the publication’s style and applicable policies.

  • Develop content while being mindful of the audience.

  • Approve final versions of publications submitted by employees.

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