The Narcotics Division is responsible for enforcing narcotic laws by conducting complex investigations of groups and individuals, who use, manufacture, sell or distribute controlled substances, and prescription-only drugs. The division also coordinates with special units to investigate and process methamphetamine labs. The division collaborates with multi-agency task forces that include federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. Furthermore, the division is involved in community outreach programs in order to educate the public about the dangers of narcotics, and provide instructions to the public on how to identify and report suspected narcotics related activity. The division is also charged with providing professional development training and education to the office in efforts to enhance the profession.


In accordance with General Orders, a Narcotics Investigator is a commissioned position that enforces local, state and federal narcotics laws. They investigate narcotics-related crimes including drug trafficking and drug possession using a variety of resources and techniques. Their responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following;

  • Investigates and apprehends persons suspected of illegal sale or use of narcotics: Compiles identifying information on suspects charged with selling narcotics.

  • Maintains surveillance of suspect to detect modus operandi.

  • Selects undercover officer best suited to contact suspect and purchase narcotics.

  • Obtains office funds required to make purchase.

  • Submits written report containing charges, available facts, and evidence to a Judge to authorize search warrant or wire tap.

  • Observes and photographs narcotic purchase transaction to compile evidence and protect undercover investigator.

  • Arrests narcotics offenders.

  • Obtains statements for prosecution of offenders and appears in court as witness.

  • Communicating with other law enforcement agencies to coordinate task forces during investigations.

In addition to investigating and enforcing drug related laws, narcotics officers are also involved in serving warrants, apprehending suspects and prosecution. They may even testify in court as to the methodology used during the investigation to apprehend the criminal.

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