In accordance with RSMo §57.230, §57.250, §57.251 and §57.278, the Sheriff of each county of the third and fourth classes shall appoint such deputies, assistants and other employees as the Sheriff deems necessary for the proper discharge of the duties of office and may set their compensation within the limits of the allocations made for that purpose by the county commission. The Howell County Sheriff's Office is tasked to provide a strategic service and protection in an evolving, dynamic and complex world. Like many agencies having a structure of accountability, rank identifies positions that provide leadership throughout multiple areas that reinforce elevated standards of performance and professional growth. This structure of accountability incrementally develops Deputies to become a supervisor and assume the role of their predecessor when called upon, while providing the Howell County Sheriff’s Office the ability to maintain a continuous professional public service. Leader development involves recruiting, accessing, developing, assigning, promoting, broadening, and retaining the best leaders, while challenging them over time with greater responsibility, authority and accountability. Leaders assume progressively broader responsibilities across direct, organizational and strategic levels of leadership. The Sheriff's Office vision is to grow and retain their own leaders from the lowest to highest levels. Deputies less senior within the Sheriff's Office may not perceive themselves as a leader (Supervisor), however in the eyes of the public, they are and must be developed as such. This development is essential in assuming the role of their predecessor and maintaining that forged trust of the community.