The importance of the archived reports enables our government to have an outside form of measurement on where there is need for improvement and where government needs to sustain their efforts.  Furthermore, without these reports, government would not have the ability to compare and contrast current operations from historic operations in order to identify if the government is improving or not.

The State Auditor's Office is Missouri's independent watchdog agency. ArticleIV, Section 13 of the Missouri Constitution describes the duties and responsibilities of the State Auditor. The State Auditor’s Office works to ensure the proper use of public funds and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Missouri government by performing audits of state agencies, boards and commissions, the circuit court system, the counties in Missouri that do not have a county auditor, and other political subdivisions upon petition by the voters.

These audits examine financial accountability, waste, opportunities for fraud, and whether government organizations and programs are achieving their purposes and operating economically and efficiently. All audits are performed in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States.

Note:  Under Missouri law, the State Auditor`s office may be called on to audit any political subdivision of the state if enough qualified voters of that political subdivision request the audit. Section 29.230, ​RSMo, outlines the petition process and requirements.