This is a request for "Criminal History Record Check" for those individuals requiring such record check as appropriate.  There are a number of circumstances in which an individual may require a request as outlined in the Revised Statutes of Missouri §192.2495, which is not an exhaustive list only a frame of reference.  All requestors are required to provide the following information as appropriate and provide a signature before a notary public.  Criminal History Record Checks may be obtained by applying in person with the following identification:

When using more than one type of identification, i.e. Drivers License and Social Security Card, please note that both forms of identification must be in the same name. A Marriage Certificate or Divorce Decree or Court Documents are required for any legal name change.  Individuals requesting such record check must complete LESP 131-Criminal History Record Check Form  and must hand carry to ensure the security of personally identifiable information to the Court Resources Division.